Building upon the success of the smallest available Ultra-Compact PlugComputer (the Nimbus), Ionics now announces the New Full-Featured Plug Computer Plus. The PlugComputer Plus has features that leave the humongous Desktop in the dust. Despite its micro-sized footprint; it comes with full WiFi (Access Point) Functionality, Bluetooth, Zwave (option) and extra USB 2.0 ports for expanded flexibility.

The Plug Computer Plus is flexible computer device that can have many application uses, and the application range is bounded only by the imagination of the developer community.

  • Mini Server-Router for the home or small office
  • Dedicated Home File Server
  • Dedicated Home/Energy Automation Controller
  • Multimedia server for DLNA-enabled players (e.g., iPhone, Sony PSP, others)
  • Webserver with Database engine for small commercial web sites
  • Web proxy, enabling fast, cached access to your favorite web sites,
  • Storage of home video surveillance streams,
  • Automate downloads and uploads to your favorite photo sharing and other web sites,
  • Anti-virus
  • Many more…..


Processor Options

In addition to the current Processor running at 1.2GHz (Marvell 88F6281), Ionics will be soon making available a new 2.0 GHz Version (Marvell 88F6282)

Developer’s Kit

For developers, a Development Kit Option is available which comprises the Developer’s version of the Plug Computer Plus built-in (provides access to UART and JTAG) which enables simple debugging and reprogramming.

Included with the Development Kit Hardware are:

  • Bundled Linux distribution, Developer’s SDK & Documentation
  • Community support

Stratus Product Specifications

GeneralLinux based Giga networked General Plug Computer for OEM by Software Developers
  • Marvell Sheeva 88F6281 RISC Architecture ARM processor 1.2 GHz (standard)
  • Marvell Sheeva 88F6282 RISC Architecture ARM processor 2.0 GHz (option – available soon)
  • 16 kilobytes of instruction cache (I-cache)
  • 16 kilobytes of data cache (D-cache)
  • 256 KB L2 cache
  • Eight-channel Generic DMA controller
  • RTC with battery
Memory and Storage
  • 512 MB DDR2, 400 MHz
  • 512 MB NAND Flash
Networking Features
  • Standard
    • WiFi Access Point Router (802.11bg)
    • Internal Antenna
    • Bluetooth
  • Options
    • Zwave (now available) OR
    • ZigBee (available soon)
    • Other options upon request
I/O Ports
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports. Overload protection. Type-A connector
  • One Giga LAN port supports 1000 Base-T, 100 Base-T, and 10 Base-T. Shielded RJ-45 connector
  • Marvell 88E1118R Gbit PHY
Power Supply
  • Built-in AC high efficiency 18W power supply
  • Average power consumption ~ 5~6W
  • Power input: 90-240VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Recessed Reset switch
  • US, EU & UK models available
  • WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Status, Zwave (depends on Option)
Software Support
  • Linux 2.6.23
  • Boot-loader
  • Custom image, MAC address, Unique ID may be loaded during production
  • 1 year standard. (as per applicable limited warranty terms and conditions).
  • Extended warranty available
Physical Dimensions
(Small Sized Form Factor with large memory capacity of 512 MB)
  • US: 87.9 (W) x 101.7 (L) x 45 (H) [Casing Dimension w/o prongs]
  • EU: 87.9 (W) x 101.7 (L) x 45 (H) [Casing Dimension w/o prongs]
  • UK: 87.9 (W) x 101.7 (L) x 45 (H) [Casing Dimension w/o prongs]
  • PC-ABS enclosure with internal heat sink
  • Black or White -bHigh Gloss Finish for high aesthetics appeal (custom ID is optional)
  • Other Colors upon request
  • Temperature range:
    • Operating: 0ºC to 40ºC (32ºF to 104ºF)
    • Storage: -25ºC to 70ºC (-13ºF to 158ºF)
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
  • CAT6 1.5 m LAN Cable (option)
  • USB Cable (option)
Development Kit version
(for Software Developers)
  • Development Kit with access to UART and JTAG (internal)
  • Bundled Linux distribution, Developer’s SDK & Documentation
  • Community support
  • Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice
  • Certifications pending
  • Customer may the use original design and/or with optional own customized Logo or optionally specify a different ID design